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3101, 2017

Chuck Matthews Managed to Finish First After a Close Three-Way Battle for the Win in Super Touring 2

Chuck Matthews managed to finish first after a close three-way battle for the win in Super Touring 2 at the 2016 NASA Western States Championships at Buttonwillow Raceway. Exchanging the lead a few times, Chuck Matthews and Oli Thordarson battled through 17 laps until Chuck Matthews managed to pull away slightly because of pressure from Adrian Wlostowski on Oli Thordarson.
“That was a great race,” said Matthews. “The first half of the race the three Corvettes in ST2 were running nose to tail and any of the three could have won. We got about halfway through the race and there was a spin on the back straightaway. It separated the cars, one went right one went left and inverted the three cars.

3101, 2017

Tom Boyd Managed to Pull off a Spectacular First-To-Last-To-First Victory in His Thunder Roadster

Tom Boyd managed to pull off a spectacular first-to-last-to-first victory at the 2016 NASA Western States Championships at Buttonwillow Raceway. The race, consisting of two double-yellow flags, was full of ups and downs for the entire Thunder Roadster field.
“It’s been a rough weekend for me.” said Tom Boyd, “I qualified toward the back. I managed to get the lead on the third lap and then David Standridge took me three-wide into Turn 1. You just don’t do that into Turn 1, and it ended up wadding us all up. My competitor hit me and several other cars ran into us. I limped it around and my hood was flying in the air. I thought for sure it was going to fly off so I stopped and I had a safety worker try to tape it down but it didn’t work.

3101, 2017

Tony Colicchio Held off Tough Pressure in His BMW M3 to Win by 0.627 Seconds in Super Touring 3

Tony Colicchio held off tough pressure in his TC Design 1996 BMW M3 from Tristan Littlehale to win by 0.627 seconds at the 2016 NASA Western States Championships at Buttonwillow Raceway and took the win for Super Touring 3. All 10 Super Touring 3 cars managed not only to finish, but finish on the lead lap, attributable to the quality and close racing of the class.
“It was awesome,” Colicchio said. “Little mix-up with that long yellow in there… I pulled a gap from Tristan, who was in second place of ST3, and I had to build it back up toward the end. With all the wind, the track is pretty dusty. I didn’t quite know with cold tires how much grip was going to be on the track with all the dust on it. There definitely wasn’t very much.

3101, 2017

Jon Van Caneghem Wins His Fourth Consecutive Championship in Super Unlimited

It almost sounds like a made-for-TV movie: Engine breaks, crew works day and night to install a new engine helping the driver bring home another championship.
Writing the script was Jon Van Caneghem who won his fourth consecutive championship in NASA with his latest victory coming in Super Unlimited.
“We had problems with the motor all week, and the guys at 7’s Only Racing worked day and night for four days to get me a new motor,” Van Caneghem said. “They got me out here. I was excited to be able to go racing.”
With three cars racing in the Super Unlimited class, Van Caneghem put it away early. His best lap time (1:41.41) was more than 18 seconds faster than his closest competitor Thomas Johnson.

3101, 2017

Ed Charnock Took the Super Touring 1 Championship After Robert Kahn Crashed out of the Lead

Ed Charnock took the Super Touring 1 Championship after Robert Kahn crashed out of the lead at the 2016 NASA Western States Championships at Buttonwillow Raceway. Despite being disqualified after Friday’s qualifying race, Ed Charnock was able to qualify second on Saturday and take the win on Sunday.
“It’s always interesting with mixed classes,” said Ed Charnock. “I’ve been wanting to take the stock car against the ex-World Challenge Corvette for a while now, and I wish he would have been more patient [passing the Mustang]. It would have been a cool race. We were nose to tail yesterday, and when I saw Robert passing the Mustang, I didn’t think the Mustang saw him, and sure enough there was a big collision. And I just stayed back and waited for them to split.

3101, 2017

Ross’ Game Plan Was Right on as He Took the Lead on the First Lap and Never Looked Back Wininng Spec E30 Championship

With 21 cars in the Spec E30 field, Justin Ross knew getting the early lead would be key to winning the Western States Championships. Ross’ game plan was right on as he took the lead on the first lap Sunday morning and never looked back.
Ross was the favorite going into the race after earning pole position after a flawless performance earlier in the weekend by winning both qualifying races. Ross was planning to race with some Spec E30 racers but they got caught up in traffic.
“The racing has been really tight all weekend,” said Ross, who turned a best lap time of 2:05.8. “I got a great start and was able to get clear while they were two wide behind me. We were able to just keep chipping away and pulling away, and everything went flawlessly.