Chuck Matthews Managed to Finish First After a Close Three-Way Battle for the Win in Super Touring 2

Chuck Matthews managed to finish first after a close three-way battle for the win in Super Touring 2 at the 2016 NASA Western States Championships at Buttonwillow Raceway. Exchanging the lead a few times, Chuck Matthews and Oli Thordarson battled through 17 laps until Chuck Matthews managed to pull away slightly because of pressure from Adrian Wlostowski on Oli Thordarson.
“That was a great race,” said Matthews. “The first half of the race the three Corvettes in ST2 were running nose to tail and any of the three could have won. We got about halfway through the race and there was a spin on the back straightaway. It separated the cars, one went right one went left and inverted the three cars. At the restart it was a matter of managing traffic, and I got a bit luckier and ended up in front.”
“I think it was a great race,” Thordarson said.


November 21st, 2016|