Arrival Instructions

General Notes

Due to the record number of registered competitors and the unique layout of the COTA facility, we were required to create an elaborate parking plan to accommodate all competitors in attendance. This painstaking plan has been compiled to ensure our best chance of success for providing each one of you with an enjoyable weekend. Note- If you don’t read this material and know where you are going before arrival, you will have a high chance of being told to move by a NASA Official.

  • All open trailers, empty commercial transporters, and transportation equipment not required for your event operations needs to be parked/dropped in Lot T. (Refer to the COTA Parking Overview” map for location.)

Facility Access Schedule

  1. Tuesday Sept. 11 at Noon – Registration opens in remote registration building (Priority, Wed Test, Garage entries Only)
  2. Tuesday Sept. 11 at 3pm – Priority Check-In/Early facility access
  3. Tuesday Sept. 11 at 4pm – Weds. Test Day entrants & Garage facility access

Note- If you have NOT paid for Main or Support Paddock you may not park there. Priority Entry DOES NOT get you access to paid parking areas.

  1. Tuesday Sept. 11 at 8pm- Registration Closed

Note- Wed Test Entries MUST visit Registration to get credentials by Tuesday at 8PM

  1. Sept 12 at Noon- Registration opens in remote registration building (All)
  2. Sept 12 at 3pm- Priority Check-In & Garage facility access
  3. Sept 12 at 4pm- General Event access
  4. Sept 12 at 9pm- Registration Closed

Note- If you have NOT paid for Main or Support Paddock you may not park there. Priority Entry DOES NOT get you access to paid parking areas.


Each competitor and visitor to the event must check into NASA Registration located in the remote Registration trailer in Lot R. Please refer to the Arrival Overhead” map for location. Once checked in, you’ll be able to proceed to your designated entry line (left or right) where you’ll wait for your appropriate time to access the facility. Priority Entry lines will be on the left side, and will gain access to the facility first.

We will have 4 designated parking areas around the COTA facility for our event. All competitors may begin staging on COTA Blvd. Tuesday at 12:00pm in designated areas.

  1. Main (lower) paddock – This paid parking area sold out in April. You may not access this area unless you already have an Paddock or Garage reservation.
    – Grid, Impound, Driver Info, and garages are located here. (Refer to “Main and Support Paddock Arrival map to find where to stage. You will receive a separate email for space assignment.
  2. Support (Upper) paddock – This paid parking area is designed to accommodate the majority of the events’ commercial vehicles that are not in the Main paddock. (Refer to Support Paddock Parking” map to find your parking space.) Please note: ONLY Commercial sized vehicles are permitted to park in the 80’x20’ spaces (no pickups).
    – Dynos and Tire Service will be located here.
  3. Lot A Paddock – this free parking area will be home to half the competitors during the event.
    • Any trailer, RV, or Commercial size vehicles parking here must follow strict instructions. Commercial size vehicles are prohibited from dropping their trailer here. This restriction also applies to stacker trailers. No landing gear on these trailers is permitted to be lowered. RVs are not permitted to lower leveling jacks. Landing gear and leveling jacks will damage the paddock and you will be held responsible for any damage your trailer/RV causes. Please take care to place load distributing wood sheets under your trailer lift to prevent damage to the paddock. If you damage the paddock, COTA will require payment prior to driving.
  4. RV paddock (Lot H) – located next to the RV Park, this area is for competitors who secured an RV spot in the RV paddock. You will drop your trailer here and proceed to the RV Park (see “RV Arrival” map).
  5. RV Park – Each RV space has a paved concrete section next to a dirt or paver area. You MAY only drive your RV on the concrete. Driving on the pavers even to straighten out your vehicle will damage the paver area. Your vehicle will sink into the ground causing significant damage to the facility and you’ll be held liable for the repairs. Do NOT drive on the pavers!

Arrival Instructions

  • Please exit Hwy 130 at Elroy Rd. and head south toward COTA. (Refer to the “Arrival Ovehead” map to familiarize yourself with the facility.)
  • You may begin parking in line at your designated area on COTA Blvd. Tuesday Sept. 11 at 12:00pm. Please note: This is a complicated process requiring every arriving competitor know their designated parking line location, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the map related to the parking option you selected for the event.
    • Anyone planning to arrive before Tuesday Sept. 11 will be required to line up at the designated “Pre-Tuesday Arrival”  map.
  • Parking Lines upon arrival
    • If you paid for Main (Lower) Paddock parking or a garage, refer to “Main and Support Paddock Arrival” map for an explanation on where and how to line up.
    • If you paid for Support (Upper) Paddock parking, please refer to the “Main and Support Paddock Arrival” map for an explanation on where and how to line up.
    • If you paid for a spot in the RV Park, you will be dropping your trailer in the RV Trailer Paddock adjacent to the RV Park. Please refer to the “RV Arrival” map for an explanation on where and how to line up. (Race vehicles are not permitted in the RV Park).
    • If you are parking in the free Lot A Paddock parking, please refer to the “Lot A Arrival” map for an explanation on where and how to line up. Also, review “Lot A Parking” map to see how you will be required to fill in the paddock. Saving large areas for others and taking up more paddock than you required will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of others that also need paddock space. Sportsmanship also applies to the paddock.

Access to the Main (lower) Paddock

Access to the Main (lower) Paddock will be restricted to support vehicles (Golf karts, scooters, pit bikes, atv, etc) and anyone possessing a Main (Lower) Paddock parking pass during hours the track is in operation. No personal vehicles including pickup trucks will be permitted to access the Main (lower) Paddock during the hours we have on-track activities. This provision is being enacted to assist competitors arriving to pre-grid and exit from impound. We know this will cause some inconvenience for competitors, but it will also aid everyone during the most important moments of the weekend as you get on and off track.  We have 65 car run groups and the paddock won’t accommodate 65 personal vehicles driving in the paddock. See “Traffic Flow” map.

Note- Lot A, Support, and RV paddock are over half a mile from pre grid/impound. We highly recommend bringing personal transportation (bike, scooter, golf cart, etc) for pit crews because of the distance where most of you will be paddocked.  See  for golf cart rental information. Password = nasa2018


COTA Parking Overview

Arrival Overhead

Main(Lower) and Support(Upper) Paddock Arrival

Support Paddock Parking

RV Arrival

Arrival Overhead

Lot A Arrival

Lot A Parking

Traffic Flow

Pre-Tuesday Arrival