It’s Parking Monday!
Please view the link for the Paddock Parking Map and pictures of the right and wrong way to park. Keep all gear inside the white fire lines. Please try to fit everything into 20ft width of space.

1) Most groups have been assigned an area. Park anywhere in that area.
2) If you haven’t been assigned an area, park anywhere unassigned.
3) If your area is full by the time you arrive, park anywhere unassigned.
4) If you are sharing equipment with a person in another class, it is fine to park in one area. I.E. If PT driver needs to park with SM that is fine.
5) Note the 8 “paid” tractor trailer spaces. If you paid for a spot, you will be contacted via email where to park.
6) The areas directly behind the garages are reserved for garage renters.

90′ Parking Spots Can be Reserved HERE: