Tom Boyd Managed to Pull off a Spectacular First-To-Last-To-First Victory in His Thunder Roadster

Tom Boyd managed to pull off a spectacular first-to-last-to-first victory at the 2016 NASA Western States Championships at Buttonwillow Raceway. The race, consisting of two double-yellow flags, was full of ups and downs for the entire Thunder Roadster field.
“It’s been a rough weekend for me.” said Tom Boyd, “I qualified toward the back. I managed to get the lead on the third lap and then David Standridge took me three-wide into Turn 1. You just don’t do that into Turn 1, and it ended up wadding us all up. My competitor hit me and several other cars ran into us. I limped it around and my hood was flying in the air. I thought for sure it was going to fly off so I stopped and I had a safety worker try to tape it down but it didn’t work. I thought I was going to lose the hood. I


November 21st, 2016|