Will your life be a blockbuster or go straight to video?

Sebring is a historic track.  Drivers like Dan Gurney, AJ Foyt and Mario Andretti have all walked the pits while vying for the win in epic races.

A big race at an icon of a track rarely comes around for us.

Will you take the opportunity? Is it worth it?

To answer that you have to ask yourself why you race.  Most likely there are many reasons.  It is just plain fun of course. You like the speed.  You like the competition.  You like the drivers that you call friends in the paddock. You like that the rest of your life turns off when the ignition turns ON. It is special to be the car guy that got off their butt and took the steps needed to control a wild beast on an asphalt battlefield.

I suggest to you that while all of these motivations are valid it is the purchase of the finest of memories which ultimately drives you.

It is for the stories you get to tell your grandchildren.

It is the deep personal satisfaction you will have when you gaze upon pictures of a younger you beside your car, hold dusty trophies in your hand, or slip on an aged and battle worn race suit.

It is remembering the pounding in your chest when the green flag flew and the taste of the cold beer after the checkered dropped.

It is KNOWING the feeling that so many only imagine.

It is the assurance that on that day a long time from now…as life flashes in front of you, you’re watching a blockbuster.

Are you registered for Sebring yet?  Your red carpet awaits….

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